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Handling dangerous and venomous reptiles is not what everyone wants to do.

For 24 hour removals on any day in Melbourne's eastern suburbs call 9812 3322, or 0412-777-211.

As it happens, that is not a bad thing that people avoid snakes, because if too many people did handle venomous snakes, then there would be a lot more bites and fatalities. Notwithstanding this, there is a demand for people to handle venomous reptiles at various times and this includes in suburban Melbourne where snakes turn up in heavily populated areas. Included here are times when snakes need to be removed from buildings, where members of the public may be at risk, work places, such as council run tips, hospitals, nurseries and a whole range of other situations. Hence the need for snake handlers and people to do snake catching on a 24 hour a day basis. This is where the snake man Ray Hoser comes into play. He has been Melbourne's best known snake handler and emergency snake catcher for many decades. This is why he alone has registered trademarks for the terms snake catcher, snake man and snake handler. All three phrases accurately describe what he does. While he engages in snake handling, snake control and reptile capture in all parts of Melbourne, he is most active in the areas he lives in, including the municipalities of Manningham, Banyule, Stonnington, Boroondarah, Whitehorse, Nillumbik, Yarra Ranges and Maroondah.
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Day or night, the snake man goes out to catch snakes as a snake catcher and then to relocate them safely away from human habitation. Hoser also teaches others how to work in snake control, reptile awareness and removal of problem critters.
As Australia's best known snake catcher, the snake man, Ray Hoser has been actively teaching people how to handle dangerous and venomous snakes for more than fourty years and he has an unmatched perfect safety record. Therefore it is no surprise that he is the most frequently demanded teacher of snake catcher courses anywhere in Australia, if not the world. Ray Hoser has trained people in all parts of Australia. His qualified graduates now work in all parts of the globe, including Madagascar, Mine sites in several continents, Papua New Guinea, Irian Jaya, other parts of Indonesia and many other places in south-east Asia. The snake capture and reptile handler and keeper training courses he teaches are tailored to the needs of the students and are usually completed in a single day. Subject matter includes safety protocols, animal welfare, safe handling and of course identification of reptiles from all relevant places. Extended training courses may include advanced reptile husbandry and keeping and legal requirements if needed in a particular jurisdiction, such as Australia, where wildlife laws are insanely complex and used to protect government-run businesses at the expense of others, excluding of course the corruptly protected few. Taught at a Hoser course are things such as finding, catching and relocating snakes, including if the snake has fled by the time the snake handler has arrived on site. Graduates with a Hoser issued certificate have a well recognized edge over those who have done courses taught by less well known reptile handlers with relatively limited expertise. Many such trainers are actually dangerous as they teach wrong and unsafe handing methods. Major zoos and others who need staff trained in snake handling give preference to those with Ray Hoser issued certificates as they know they have been taught properly and by a globally recognized wildlife expert.