activities for kids in Melbourne

Getting the best quality educational school holiday program activities for kids in Melbourne can be confusing when shopping around for safe and reliable providers.
Planning a hands-on curriculum that aligns with current social and safety standards is never easy, but can be achieved if one does sufficient research.
School holiday programs must be tailored to deal with one or more age groups and people of varying ethnic backgrounds and previous life experiences. However a mobile wildlife display is one answer that is educational, interactive, safe and most importantly of all, fun for the kids. After all that is what school holidays are all about.
As an organiser of a well resourced school holiday program, you would be crazy not to have an animal display or mobile zoo at least one day of the holiday break. Mobile reptile shows are great way to engage almost every child, including those who may not enjoy or excel at other kinds of sporting activity. The animals are usually tame and readily handled safely by the children. If one of them defecates on the kids, that is also a reason to have a giggle, even if it is at one child's expense.
Most of the time the victim will take it in their stride and see it as a sign of impending good luck. While there are different animals brought by different wildlife shows, most will have crocodiles, snakes and lizards, with frogs and truthles usually being seen with most travelling displays.
Snakes of all sizes are usually part of the repertoire and sometimes these can be absolutely huge!
Because the incursion is usally only for an hour or two at most, it is common for the kids to do other reptile or wildlife-related activity for the rest of the day. The better wildlife education demonstrators also leave materials that can assist the carers and staff in this endeavour.
Resources may include computer disks, books and the like, all of which can greatly enhance the children's learning experience.
Within Melbourne the company with the best reputation for hands-on reptile shows and school holiday programs is that of the reptile man, Raymond Hoser, who has more than 40 years experience handling reptiles from all parts of the world. For people interested in booking school holiday programs it is worth visiting his website at and getting a better idea of why they are regarded as the best mobile reptile show educating kids in all of Melbourne.