childrens birthday party entertainment in Melbourne

Reptile parties are one way to entertain kids at any time of year. They certainly upstage other kinds of kids entertaimment for birthday parties in Melbourne, including such fare as jumping castles, clowns, laser tag skirmish, limo hire, bowling, dodgem cars or a day on the beach. In terms of the latter, you certainly wouldn't want to do it on a rainy day. Because a reptile party can be done indoors or out, it really doesn't matter what kind of weather you have on the day of the kids party, so long as you have the option of doing it indoors or under cover. Reptile parties are a great way to entertain and educate children of every age or gender or ethnic background. No one doesn't lack interest when snakes and other wildlife come to the home or venue. The essential element of the animal party is when the animal wrangler brings snakes along and allows the children and the adults on hand to get intimate and up close with the critters. In Melbourne there are several mobile wildlife displays that bring all kinds of wild animals including snakes, crocodiles and other critters for the kids. However only one outfit actually lets them hold the animals. That is Australias best reptiles, owned and operated by the reptile man Ray Hoser.
As already mentioned, reptiles parties can be done indoors or out so are effectively weather proof and can be done at any time of year. This is critically important in Victoria, where Melbourne's unreliable weather has a reputaion hard to surpass. As it happens, the businesses that do mobile wildlife zoo parties and education are always busy and so if thinking of having a reptile party, it is wise to book first before telling all your friends. After all there is nothing worse than having the recall invitations and tell people that the party is at a different time and place.
Most wildlife shows start off as an interactive display where the children are given an educational reptile show and told the essential things about handling the animals with safety and everything else they should know. These include any handling protocols and how to be nice and gentle to the critters they may be lucky enough to get hands on with.
After the educational display, the kids are usually allowed to meet and greet the tame and friendly wildlife. For most mobile wildlife show displays this means a gentle pat of one or two animals. However with the Australias best reptiles and their show, this usually means that the animals are literally handed out to the kids and they get to handle them and learn about them in a way that only a hands-on show will deliver. At many reptile parties in Melbourne it is often the adults at the party who get into the reptiles more than the kids and it is not unusual for the adults to spend time with the snakes and other critters long after the kids have run off to play elsewhere.
Reptile shows and incursions usually include snakes of various kind and size, baby alligators or crocodiles, large green frogs, lizards and big smelly turtles. The better shows have deadly snakes as well, but of course they are not legal to be displayed anywhere in Melbourne and the rest of Victoria unless they have been surgically devenomized in order to make them safe. This is known as venomoiding and the snakes are called venomoid.
As of 2014, the only company with these devenomized snakes is the snake mans shows and that is why his are regarded as the best in Australia.
It always gives Melbourne kids an edge over their mates after they have experienced reptile parties which include such animals as Tiger Snakes, Taipans and Death Adders included in their animal guest list.