Melbourne is an international city of over 4 million people living within 100 km of the CBD, so party options are many. In good weather you can have parties outdoors at the many beaches or parks or similar kinds of venues. When the weather turns cold in the middle of the year, numerous businesses are set up to cater for the needs of adults and their chilren to have parties at venues safe from inclement weather. Some venues are nothing more than large function or convention centres, usually consisting of a large room or hall, with which the guest can usually eat, dance, partake in alcohol and not much else.
Other venues have add-ons such as ten pin bowling, gambling, dodgem cars, video games and even themed characters to entertain both kids and adults. However the bulk of parties throughout Victoria are usually in people's private homes and yet another whole industry has spring up to deal with this. There are entertainers as diverse as mobile disco shows, clowns, magicians, fairies, baking party shows, ghouls, monsters, superheros, limo hire, football workshops and more. Within the animals party space, there are butterflies parties, pony riding party companies, wildlife and reptile displays. All are a big hit with both kids and adults alike. A Melbourne party is best for the kids when it is planned in advance so that all runs without a hitch. To book a themed party or presenter takes care as not all are good and those that are tend to be heavily booked. In other words, get the entertainment sorted before you invite the guests. Assuming the venue is at home, it isn't too hard to sort out. But if the venue is at a place you must hire, you should get the venjue sorted first and then the entertainer. If you have trouble finding a venue, check out the local scout halls, schools, community centres and child care centres and kinders. Most are happy to hire out their facilities for a small fee. Of course because most of these places do their own business on week days and most parties are on the weekend, they are usually vacant when you want them to be. As most of these places don't widely advertise they can be hired, it is usually easy to find one that is not already booked out. Remember, kids parties in Melbourne are now a huge business.
This is both for the parents of the kids, the kids themselves and of course the outsourced service providers. We no longer live in the days when a kids party could be little more than a game of pass the parcel or pie eating contests. Nowadays themed kids party entertainment is all the rage and it is rare for a given childs party not to have some sort of theme or outsourced entertainment, many of whom can be found on the web.
This is not a bad thing as if one looks at it objectively, the outsourced party entertainment provider does this sort of thing every day for a day job and after a while gets to know exactly how to best keep the children happy. By the same token, the parents expertise with entertaining at kids parties is usually limited at best and quite somply, not in the same league.
Reptile parties and other animnal parties are one way to entertain kids in Melbourne at any time of year and are not usually weather dependent.
They certainly upstage other kinds of kids entertainment for their birthday parties, including such fare as magicians, jumping castles, ghouls, clowns, fairy parties, laser tag skirmish, limo hire, ten pin bowling, a trip to the movies at the shopping mall, dodgem cars or a day on the beach, which carries its own hazards in the form of needles on the beach and possible stalkers lurking in the area. In terms of a beach party in Melbourne, you certainly wouldn't want to do it in winter and when it is howling a gale. Because a reptile party can be done indoors or out, it really doesn't matter what kind of weather you have on the day of the kids birthday party, so long as you have the option of doing it indoors or under cover and out of the wind.
Reptile parties are a great way to entertain and educate children of every age or gender or ethnic background and even if the audience has trouble speaking English.
No one doesn't lack interest when snakes and other critters come to the home or venue. And unlike a pony party, you wont be cleaning up horse feces off the floor at the end of the day!
The central part of the animal party is when the animal wrangler brings snakes along and allows the kids and the adults on hand to get intimate and up close with the various animals on show. In Melbourne there are heaps of mobile wildlife exhibitors, with new wildlife demonstration businesses setting up on an almost weekly basis
This is because now there is no expertise required in order to get a trading licence. These people bring all kinds of creepy crawly critters including giant snakes, crocodiles and other critters for the kids. However only one outfit is hands on and lets people handle animals. This is Australias best reptiles, operated by the globally recognized reptile man Ray Hoser.
As already mentioned, reptile displays can be done almost anywhere, including indoors or out so are effectively weather proof and can be done at any time of year or any time of day or night, meaning that a reptile show can be used as good safe entertainment for kids and adults without the emphasis on bad food, drink or drugs.
Most wildlife shows start off as an interactive display where the children are given an educational reptile show and told the essential things about handling the animals with safety and everything else they should know. These include any handling protocols and how to be kind and gentle to the critters they may be lucky enough to get hands on with. All good wildlife shows explain the basic concepts of wildlife conservation and why people should never be mean to animals.
After the hands off educational part of the display, the children are usually allowed to meet and greet the tame and friendly wildlife. For most mobile wildlife show displays this means the kids get a gentle pat of one or two animals if they are lucky.
However with Australias best reptiles and their hands on reptiles show, this usually means that the animals are handed out to the kids and they get to hold them and learn about them in a way that only a hands-on wildlife experience will deliver. In terms of teaching the kids, it is literally monkey see, monkey do, as the handler is the first to show them the right way to hold the animals and then the kids copy the reptile handler. Most of the time this works well and when it doesn't the displayer intervenes and stops the animals being mistreated, before attempting to show the kid the correct way to do it.
As a rule this works well and every kid has an excellent learning experience.
At many reptile parties in Melbourne it is often the adults or bigger kids at the party who get into the reptiles more than the younger kids and it is not unusual for the adults to spend time with the snakes and other critters long after the kids have run away to do something else.
Reptile shows and incursions usually include snakes of various kind and size, baby alligators or crocodiles, large green frogs, lizards and big stinking turtles. The better shows have deadly snakes as well, but of course they are not legal to be displayed anywhere in Melbourne and the rest of Victoria unless they have been surgically devenomized in order to make them safe. This is known as venomoiding or venomoid surgery and the snakes are called venomoid.
As of 2014, the only company with these devenomized snakes is the snake mans shows and that is why his are regarded as being of the best standard in Australia.
It always gives kids in Melbourne the right to boast to their friends after they have seen kids willdlife shows which have such high profile deadly snakes such as Taipans, Browns, Blacks, Jaffas and Death Adders included in their party guest list.